Improve profits and have an easier life… Sound good? Read on!

How does the installer do it? All installers can make relatively small improvements in the way they conduct their business activities. Firstly, let us look at what can lead to costs for you, the installer[…]


SIG Building Plastics provides products for The new and innovative Colony, Wilmslow.

2017, a new year, a new start and certainly new beginnings, especially the exciting new opening of The Colony in Wilmslow[…]


Ultraroof 380 Fit more, Earn more

Conservatories up and down the land are crying out for a face-lift and now courtesy of Ultraframe, the experts behind the roofs you love such as LivinRoof, UltraSky and of course the tried and trusted Classic glazed roof, they’ve developed an absolutely stunning, lightweight tiled roof called Ultraroof380 […]


My First Week in the Marketing Team

it’s always nerve racking starting a new job… learning new systems, meeting an office full of people whose names you forget as you’re introduced to the next person!, when is it ok to get a coffee and not to mention, learning a whole new job […]


Putting you first

We always put our customers first and pride ourselves on our customer care and service. If you happen to run out of materials part way through a job, how reassuring would it be to know you can get your hands on everything you need, straight away?[…]


SIG Building Plastics – more than just a Plastic Stockist

When it comes to sourcing roofline and building plastics materials, we are a leading specialist and can meet every contractor’s needs from our nationwide chain of one-stop-shops.

Roofline Box End Section

Roofline, a breath of fresh air 

As more and more window installers are looking to include fascias, soffits and other roofline products as part of their offering, we want to outline the importance of roofline ventilation! […]

SIG Building Plastics OSCAR

OSCAR, A Success Story

Since the beginning of 2016, Neil Whitfield from OSCAR has been travelling the UK bringing Roofline training to hundreds of already, knowledgeable SIG branch personnel, to ensure that they are fully conversant with the installation process and techniques as well as understanding the associated problems that could occur […]