SIG Building Plastics provides products for The Colony, Wilmslow.

2017, a new year, a new start and certainly new beginnings, especially the exciting new opening of The Colony in Wilmslow. It’s opening its doors to the thriving business community in the region and further afield. The Colony offers a combination of luxurious offices, professional business space and The HQ. The HQ is a private business members club that is at the epicentre of this modern, unique and stunning business development. The Colony ‘is inspirationally designed, excellently equipped and perfectly appointed’ for those wanting to meet clients, host events, hold working sessions or simply catch up on day-to-day business, all in absolute luxury.

In their first joint commercial venture, local developers Adel Lababedi and Edward Kershaw are the joint owners of the development and come with a wealth of knowledge and expertise. It was both of their visions to ‘offer a professional and exclusive working environment’ for ‘high-calibre business owners and entrepreneurs’.

The construction firm behind the build is award winning Nomadic Construction Ltd. who are a local bespoke building firm. They specialise in unique designs which The Colonies certainly delivered on. Their attention to detail and friendly approach makes them a popular choice.


The Colony is set in the idyllic, exclusive and well positioned Wilmslow, Cheshire, also known as the ‘golden triangle’; it’s a stone’s throw to the international Manchester Airport and 12 miles to the centre of Manchester as well as train stations linking to all major towns and cities, making it an ideal spot for businesses and international businesses.

This striking building compliments the surrounding countryside bringing the tranquillity outside in with its large windows making it not only a pleasure to look at but to work in too. It blends modern and classic architecture with its stunning use of materials and layout.

‘The Colony is born out of 21st century business culture’ and was something SIG Building Plastics was proud to be part of, supplying the aluminium fascia, rainwater and soffit on this project along with the metal studding tracks for the internals and we also supplied 915smtr of Envirotrack Geotextile materials.

We caught up with Nigel Willcocks from Nomadic Construction Ltd who was the Project Manager for the whole build. Nigel worked closely with SIG Building Plastics Field Sales Manager Kevin Newey, although he had worked with SIG Building Plastics before it was the first time he worked with Kevin.

Nigel starts by saying how important it is to work with ‘one person’ throughout any build who is ‘experienced and knowledgeable’ and can ‘help with any problems’ and is ‘aware of the site and what’s happening’- ‘as when you start any build, if you have different people working with you, it becomes very difficult and time consuming to communicate, which is essential’. Kevin worked closely with Nigel from start to finish and although it was a new relationship, there were no teething issues.


Nigel said how impressed he was with SIG Building Plastics and Kevin, as we stocked the products they needed for this large high end and technical site and also delivered on time – ‘which is crucial as any delays cost time and money’. If any issues did arise, Kevin was there to ‘support and help’ the project run smoothly.

With over 30 years’ experience, we know the construction industry inside out and although it’s forever changing with design, building techniques, and specifications we are adapting with it. What always remains the same is our knowledge, passion and customer service.  Nigel finishes by saying Kevin is a ‘great guy and I look forward to working with him again’.

SIG Building Plastics and Kevin very much look forward to working alongside your future projects too!