My First Week…

It’s always nerve racking starting a new job… learning new systems, meeting an office full of people whose names you forget as you’re introduced to the next person!, when is it ok to get a coffee and not to mention, learning a whole new job!

It was Monday morning and my first day at SIG Exteriors, specifically for Building Plastics and Windows as their new Marketing Executive.  I had only been there one morning and was into meetings! Coming from a small organisation to one that employs over 5,000 employees was quite a jump but one I couldn’t wait to crack on with.

I will be looking after and developing social media sites so please do feel free to tweet us @SIGBPlastics  & @SIGWindows. I will also be sending out emails to update every one of our new products, offers and all of our latest news, Come up with new ideas, work on the Trade Club and work on campaigns. There’s a lot to get on with and the days fly by – what has struck me most is that although it is a huge company, there is one key focus, and that is putting the customers first. Everyone here is so passionate about what they do and working to provide the best market lead products from experts. I always think it’s a good sign when companies have great staff retention and so far I have met a fair few people who have been here for over a decade!

I’m now into my third week – how time flies! And loving it! I have been working on some exciting promotions and plans and I cannot wait to share them all with you!