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SIG Building Plastics PVCU rainwater

We are synonymous with high quality PVCu rainwater systems, with a reputation for technical excellence and competitively priced products.

Poor roof drainage is one of the most common causes of property damage.
Protecting against wet weather means providing good roofline and rainwater work.

Making the difference

All our PVCu rainwater systems are manufactured and marked to British Standard Specifications and are suitable for all types of domestic, commercial and industrial buildings. PVCu systems have a number of advantages that make them a cost-effective solution to rainwater collection and drainage:

  • Essentially maintenance free with
    consistent finish and colour.
  • Tough, durable and lightweight for
    ease of installation.
  • High gloss finish with blemish
    free surface provides excellent
    all round weathering and
    colour fastness.
  • Comprehensive range of systems,
    colours and fittings provide
    solutions to all installation
  • Well-defined stylish contours
    ensure a seamless match with all
    styles of property, new or old.

Our extensive range includes:

  • Downpipes and fittings (BS EN 12200: 2000 and 1329: 2000)
  • Gutters and fittings (BS EN 607: 2004)
  • Fascia brackets (BS EN 1462: 2004)

We stock many styles including half round, square, OGEE to high capacity and also cast iron effect from:

  • Floplast
  • Hunter
  • Kayflow

Many of our PVCu rainwater systems are ideal for those who wish to specify quality products that have a reduced carbon footprint.

FIT-R Gutterbrush 

In addition, we also offer the perfect accessory for all rainwater systems, our FIT-R GutterBrush is a gutter filter that fits easily into your rainwater system, designed to keep it clear from any debris such as moss and leaves all year round, whilst still allowing water to flow freely stopping any of those unwanted blockages.

Gutterbrush features and benefits:

  • Easy to install
  • Fits virtually any shaped gutter system
  • Prevents debris from blocking the gutter
  • Made from high quality polypropylene filaments fixed to a flexible rust free stainless steel core
  • Low maintenance


To install; simply remove any debris, then lay the FIT-R GutterBrush in the gutter and cut where required. 

You can pick up a Gutterbrush today in any SIG Building Plastics branch throughout the UK!

Understanding the products that make up a system.

This is how a standard half round system breaks down into its various elements. Each element is available in different shapes, sizes, materials and colours.