Ultraroof 380 Fit more, Earn more


Conservatories up and down the land are crying out for a face-lift and now courtesy of Ultraframe, the experts behind the roofs you love such as LivinRoof, UltraSky and of course the tried and trusted Classic glazed roof, they’ve developed an absolutely stunning, lightweight tiled roof called Ultraroof380.

We talked to marketing manager Adam Wilde about what makes Ultraroof380 stand heads and shoulders above other systems claiming to do the same job.

 What is Ultraroof380 and why is it better than other lightweight tile systems?

 “Ultraroof380 is our latest roof.  It looks exactly like a tiled roof.  But weighing just 38kg/m2 it’s easy to handle on site and like all our roof systems it has very few components which makes it really fast to install.  If you’ve fitted an Ultraframe roof before, then you’ll find this as easy, it’s got just three main components that fit together on site with ease.  In just 2 hours it’s watertight and in as little as 6 hours, the roof is fully tiled.”

Why will this roof have more appeal than other tiled roofs?

 “Ultraroof380 has been in development for quite a while.  We know from talking to home owners looking to replace their conservatory roof, that existing roof systems on the market aren’t everybody’s cup of tea – and that comes largely down to the realistic look, or not, of the tile.  We’ve developed a tile, available in three colours, that looks very authentic.

Is this a good product to get into the replacement roof market?

 “Absolutely.  Don’t forget we’ve got Livinroof serving the replacement roof market already, so combined with this, we’ve got a roof choice that will appeal to most homeowners – those looking for the super-modern look of Livinroof and those seeking a more traditional tiled finish in Ultraroof380.”

Ultraframe is famous for glazed roofs – is Ultraroof380 capable of taking glazed sections like Livinroof?

 We know that home owners love the combination of solid and glazed roofs so we’ve integrated that capability within Ultraroof380.  Consumers can either choose rectangular areas of glazing in any configuration, much like Livinroof or incorporate Velux style rooflights.”

Is this product suitable for the new build market too?

 “All of our roofs are suitable for the new build market, but Ultraroof380 is a real opportunity to give an existing conservatory a new lease of life.  We’re seeing some amazing transformations and when you see the finished result both inside and out – it’s clear to see why Ultraroof380 will become the market-leader in the lightweight, tiled roof market.